Gardeners’ Corner

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This is the page for everything related to gardening – plants, seeds, shrubs and/or gardening tools that you wish to share or acquire (for free!), together
with any hints, tips or articles for your fellow gardeners. You may not have an actual garden of your own,  but everyone’s got room for a houseplant or window box.

Please post your messages directly in the “Leave a Reply” box on this page – if you have images you wish to share please email them to for processing.

Remember, this is YOUR page so please make full use of it and help to make South Highfields a greener place to live.

gardeners, male and female

Plants available from Kate:


One thought on “Gardeners’ Corner

  1. I have the following plants to share:
    Crassula or Jade plant. It’s an easy-to-grow indoor succulent. New plants can be made by simply putting a leaf into compost, and roots will quickly grow.
    Borage: A herb with pretty blue flowers. Grows in all garden soils. The leaves can be added to salads. Great for bees and birds, too.
    Spider plant (I don’t think information is needed.)
    Mint: Add to salads, make mint sauce or put a few leaves in a mug and pour over boiling water for a refreshing drink. Best grown in a pot (indoors or outdoors) as it can be invasive in a border.
    Please contact me if you are interested in any of them.
    Thanks, Kate.

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