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Wildflower Border at Medway Primary School

Posted 28 November 2022 by admin

Here is a photo of Guy alongside the wildflower border at Medway School on 25 November 2022 (part of the Trees, Bees Sunshine event held earlier in the year).

Medway Primary School 20221125_150835-2


Great British Spring Clean – Update

Posted 15 April 2022 by admin

The Great British Spring Clean 2022 has now finished,  nearly half a million bags – 449,406 to be precise – have been pledged nationwide.

As a group, we pledged to collect ten bags of litter but only managed to collect five bags during the time the event was running, but thank you to each of our #LitterHeroes (Alan, Neil and Andrew) for taking care of the environment on our doorstep!


Our #Litterheroes  are continuing to collect litter on a weekly basis from both Prebend Gardens and Onslow Park amongst other places, so during the course of the year we should have a good tally.


Great British Spring Clean

Great British Springclean 2022

This event, which is organised by Keep Britain Tidy, is taking place between 25 March and 10 April 2022. As a group we have pledged to collect ten bags of litter during the period, any extra bags will be a bonus. Remember, every bag of litter collected helps to improve the environment

We need everyone who takes part to tell us how much they collected, what kind of litter is out there, and how it felt to take part.  This will help us tell the story of the scale of the challenge and advocate for change. After you’ve cleaned up, please email any photos with your results to:

Important points to note:

Take care when collecting litter, wear gardening gloves and use a litter-picker if you have one. Don’t forget to use your hand sanitiser!

Keep general litter and recyclables in separate bags – this will double the number of bags collected!

If dangerous, poisonous or hazardous items are present, contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 or Leicester City Council.

If syringes are spotted at any stage during your clean-up, do not attempt to move them yourself. Make a note of their location and inform the council on:

If you see someone fly tipping or come across hazardous waste, report it to the Environment Agency on its 24-hour hotline or, alternatively, contact the police on 101.


St Albans Road – update

Our guerilla gardeners (Maggie and Alan) have been out and about again. Having weeded and tidied up the small piece of land adjacent to the block of student flats in St Albans Road they set to work on the eight planters outside Banner House on the opposite side of the road.

These have now been filled with plants and shrubs which will add some welcome colour to an otherwise neglected area – unless they are stolen or destroyed before they have time to mature and bloom.

Guerilla gardening 20201007_082041
Planters outside Banner House


Britain in Bloom Awards 2018

Dilip recently attended the Britain in Bloom award ceremony – It’s Your Neighbourhood section – where we were awarded a Level 3 (Advancing) certificate, obtaining 57 marks out of 100. Congratulations to everyone involved.

The assessors comments are shown below. Hopefully we will be able to attain Level 2 next year!

Highfields in Bloom assessment


UPDATE – Highfields in Bloom

We have now (24 June 2018) used up our funding allocation to provide hanging baskets for residents and are unable to accept any more applications at the present time. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this scheme.


Highfields in Bloom

To download the flyer or application form right click on the image and select “save image as….” to save the image to your device and then print it out. Please do not send any money with your application form.Hanging Basket FlyerHanging Basket Booking Form


Spring clean in St Albans Road

Now that the weather has improved after a long cold winter, on Sunday 13 May 2018 Maggie and Alan set to work clearing a neglected area of land on St Albans Road adjacent to the old bank which had become a general eyesore, being covered in litter.

They cleared the rubbish away (taking it to the tip), weeded the area and replaced some plants using money received from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The area looks much better now, as you will see from the before and after images below (click to enlarge).


Many thanks to both of them for their hard work.


Gardens Open Day

On Sunday 9th July 2017 ten SHN members enjoyed a tour of each other’s gardens. It was inspiring to see small back yards and front gardens put to such creative and productive use.

A huge variety of plants are thriving and supporting bees, birds and other wildlife. Amongst the flowers most people are also growing herbs and some fruit and vegetables. Imaginative use has been made of items such as old doors and bedsteads, boots and wooden steps to create gardens of real character. No space is wasted!

Not everything was tucked away out of sight. Flourishing window boxes, hanging baskets and front garden tubs of geraniums are all helping to brighten up South Highfields.

Thanks to everyone who took part. With a little help from Britain in Bloom and a Tesco Community Grant we hope to develop some additional colourful displays in public places around the area so that everyone can enjoy them.


Other keen gardeners please get in touch…


Action Day – Sunday 9th July 2017

For our quarterly environmental action day on July 9th we will be running a garden tour to demonstrate what can be achieved in a small space. It is open to all SHN members so
if you would like to join us please contact Penny on 07414 465 695 or email us at


Action Day – Sunday 9th April 2017

For our second Love Where We Live Action Day, on Sunday 9th April, we are launching a gardening project. We encourage both experienced gardeners and those who haven’t yet started gardening to come to Onslow Park from 11am – 1pm bringing seeds, plants, tools, gardening books and tips to share. We plan to meet monthly and to have an ‘open gardens’ event in the summer. If you would like to get involved but can’t make this date, let us know by emailing


Action Day – Sunday 8th January 2017

On Sunday 8th January we held the first Love Where We Live action day, targeting St. Albans Rd. We litter picked the street, and knocked on doors where bins had been left on the pavement. The response from residents was very positive. Some people did not realise they should take their bins in. We also gave out information about recycling, fly tipping and the council’s service for the free collection of bulky items. We aim to hold Love Where We Live action days four times a year. The next action day will be on Sunday 9th April.


You can use the Love Leicester app to let the council know about any environmental problems.

  • Spot it – Whether it’s graffiti, litter, fly-tipping, dog fouling or another environmental problem, you can let the council know about it.
  • Report it – Take a picture of the problem and upload it using the app. You can tag the location and include other details so the council can fix the issue quickly.
  • Fix it – When you submit your report the details and picture will be sent to the right team who can fix the problem. They’ll also be able to post a picture of what they’ve done.

Click here to download the free Love Leicester app for your smart phone


Love Where We Live is a South Highfields Neighbours enviromental project. A small group of us are working hard to rid the area of fly tipping, litter, bins on pavements and furniture in front gardens. We also try to make everywhere look nicer with plants and shrubs.

Our current projects include keeping Onslow Park clean and well used, and holding quarterly ‘Environment Action Days’. We have managed to get large banners from letting agencies removed from railings and are working on the many letting boards which should be taken down 14 days after a property is let.

We are planning two forthcoming events – a ‘Bring and Take Day’ to share unwanted goods and furniture and a ‘Fly Tipping Reporting Week’ when we aim to clear all the 40 plus streets in our area of fly tipping. Dates and more details will follow shortly.

Some useful contact details are:-

To report fly tipping contact our city warden Darren Evans on 07772 578 487, download the Love Leicester app (free) to your smartphone or  email

To get your own bulky items taken away free by the City Council telephone 0116 454 1002 or go to