Leicester Trivia – part two

Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of Leicester’s amazing past. Email your answers (put Quiz in subject line) to southhighfieldsneighbours@gmail.com and the first all correct entry to be drawn out of the hat at our next meeting will be rewarded with a prize. Although at the present time we do not know when our next meeting will be, all entries must be received by Sunday 31 May 2020.

Leicester traffic wardens

1) The first traffic wardens marched onto the streets of Leicester in which year?

a) 1961 b) 1962 c) 1963

2) Leicester had the largest single tier bowling alley in Europe, with 36 lanes on one floor, open all day, every day.

a) True b) False

3) Leicester had the first drive-in post office in the UK. Where was it situated?

a) Bishop Street b) Lee Circle c) Wharf Street

4) The Consanguinitarium in Earl Howe Street was built in which year?

a) 1875 b) 1876 c) 1878

5) Leicester had the first building in the UK designed with wheelchair access for people with disabilities.

a) True b) False

6) The first medical officer of health was appointed in Leicester in which year?

a) 1846 b) 1852 c) 1866

7) The synagogue in Highfield Street was opened in which year?

a) 1897 b) 1898 c) 1900

8) Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie and his Orchestra both appeared at the De Montfort Hall two months apart in which year?

a) 1962 b) 1963 c) 1964

9) Romeo Challenger and Peter Shilton both played for the Leicester Boys football team in the same year.

a) True b) False

10) The first black grammar school boy in Leicester was born in which country?

a) Antigua b) Barbados b) United Kingdom